Responsible Servicer and Lender

Tuition Options provides schools with the ability to offer affordable, student-friendly payment options to students. The company’s platform is designed to comply with TILA and HEOA requirements.

Compliance and Data Security

Tuition Options’ SSAE 16 compliant data security model features redundant data centers, secure backups and PCI Level 2 compliance.

Meeting 90/10 Requirements

Convenient and affordable payment options enable students to repay their loans timely and assist schools with 90/10 goals.

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Products and Services

Our products and services are designed to help schools manage their institutional loan and payment plan programs while providing convenient and flexible repayment options for borrowers.

  • Customer Service: Experienced servicing staff to collect, process and track payments from students
    • Payment processing via phone, email and online
    • 24/7 online access for auto-pay enrollment
    • Student contact via phone and e-mail from our experienced customer service representatives
    • Dedicated client services team to support school staff and administrative personnel
  • Origination and Servicing: Proprietary online servicing platform provides loan origination, payment processing, borrower payment tracking and downloadable reports
    • Originate legally binding contracts including required regulatory disclosures
    • Self-service tools allow users to calculate payment terms, print and/or e-sign documents and track the accounts 24/7
    • Flexible payment programs designed to provide affordable payments for students
    • Electronic document storage for compliance and audit purposes
  • Compliance and Data Security: Secure system to manage regulatory compliance and safeguard loan data
    • Origination and servicing processes align with regulatory and compliance guidelines
    • Data integrity supported via SSAE 16 compliance and redundant data centers
    • Secure data replication and backups performed regularly on all loan data
    • PCI Level 2 compliant
  • Reporting: Customized reporting packages available
    • Over 15 detailed reports available standard to all school clients
    • Wide range of loan data and collection analytics tailored to each school's needs
    • 24/7 reporting tools help schools track account performance and manage delinquency
    • Custom reports designed by in-house analysts available upon request
  • Credit Underwriting: Credit and risk assessment services allow schools to make more informed enrollment decisions and mitigate risk
    • Make enrollment decisions based on factors such as credit history, payment performance and account best practices
    • Apply best practice recommendations, such as the proactive recruiting of co-borrowers, to improve portfolio performance
  • Financing Programs: Customized financing programs tailored to meet your school's needs
    • Accelerate cash flow or use financing solutions to support capital expenditures

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